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Lawn Care Services

We offer the best lawn care service around! Attention to detail is our number one priority. Whether you have a residential lawn or a large commercial property we will take the time to mow and trim every corner of your property as if it was our own. We take great pride in making our customers properties stand above the rest. We hold our standards very high and can guarantee consistent quality every time we service your property!

Give us a call for a property maintenance quote today!

Snow Removal Services

We offer both residential and commercial snow removal services. Let's face it, no one likes to deal with snow but it's what we can expect when we live in Iowa! Whether you have a residential driveway and sidewalk that needs to be cleared or a commercial parking lot that needs to be plowed we can help! We are very flexible with scheduling and can adapt to whatever your needs are!

Give us a call anytime for snow removal pricing!


From small fixes to large areas we can handle the job at hand. Give us a call today for your free seeding quote.


One of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn in the spring is to dethatch! Large quantities of dead grass clippings (thatch) can create a thick mat at the ground level and can starve turf grass of water, oxygen, and other nutrients. By using a dethatching machine to tear up the thatch and remove it we can get your lawn back to the thick green lush looking lawn it once was!

Weed Control & Fertilization

We offer a number of different packages for weed control and fertilization. From simple maintenance programs to programs geared for tough to kill weeds we've got you covered. Some of the weed control and fertilization services we offer include:

Spring Fertilizer w/ Crabgrass Preventer

Spring Spraying

Spring Weed & Feed

Tough Weed Spraying including creeping charlie, white clover, yellow nutsedge (aka watergrass) and many others.

Fall Spraying

Fall Weed & Feed

Fall Winterizer Fertilizer

Give us a call to discuss a program that will work best for you!

Our Full List of our Services Includes:




Weed Control


Tree & Shrub Grooming



Lawn Sweeping

Leaf Removal


Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

Snow Removal

Proudly serving Customers in Oelwein and

Surrounding Areas!

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